LMU Change Management Seminar

Cooperation project with the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

For more than 15 years we have been cooperating with the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University and the Chair of Social Psychology. We train 24 students in change management every semester. Thereby we ensure ourselves access to current scientific methods and findings.

Our collaboration partners

We believe that we can achieve more together! Therefore, we rely on our strong network of consultants:


Lurse is one of the big European consultancies in the field of compensation & benefits, grading, pension advisory and HR services a perfect complementary and trusted Partner for our Transformation Journeys. And a real benefit for every client.


Hoffmann und Zachau (h&z)

A big German strategy consultancy with “brain, heart and hand” based in Munich, h&z consultants have been supported by Breitenstein Consulting for many years with human resources, change and leadership issues in customer projects.


eezy Spirit

eezy Spirit (former: Corporate Spirit) has been a leading provider of quantitative measurement tools in the area of employee satisfaction, leadership and collaboration for over 30 years. The instruments are available in over 30 languages and meet the highest security requirements. We have been using eezy Spirit for years and represent eezy Spirit Germany.


Infinity Institute

The Infinity Institute in Berlin emerged from the German TEDx movement and was founded by Christopher Kabakis. Communication is a key in every change project. Executives need a strong appearance and presence. We rely on Infinity’s training and speaker coaching for impactful and inspirational communication.


Future Academy X

The Future Academy is a highly innovative training provider for the core topics of digitization. What are the core competencies (“super powers”) of the future? How can they be taught in a completely different way? We have a similar mindset and have been supporting each other in projects for years.


Smart Merger

M&A projects have special requirements for the management of data and cultural change. One of our core topics! The different workstreams in M&A projects have to interact quickly and reliably. SmartMerger offers specialized software and templates for such projects with the highest security standards. We have been working closely with SmartMerger for many years.



TechneValue is a dynamic IT group that provides 360° technology and business consulting services. They analyze the needs, expectations and concerns of each client to identify, develop and implement innovative business and IT solutions. In particular, they focus on digital technologies with partners and expertise in cloud and data science, AI and software engineering. We immediately agreed on why digital technology adoption often fails: the people are being forgotten. That is why we are very happy about this collaboration.



Social Commitment

Social responsibility based on inner beliefs

We are convinced that our world must change in order to remain worth living in. What we do professionally and successfully with our client organizations, we also offer to social organizations – mostly without compensation. We view this as part of our corporate identity. Our commitment to the non-profit sector and to social projects reflects our identity, our principles and our value system. Since our foundation in 2006, Breitenstein Consulting has supported the following social institutions: