Our core products are at the heart of our offering and ensure that we meet the needs of our customers to the highest degree.

Our core products are designed to support companies in change processes and to successfully navigate through them. The focus is on providing comprehensive support in the development and implementation of strategies and action plans to ensure that changes are implemented successfully and that the desired results are achieved.

People & Culture Health Check
Leadership Frameworks
Talent Programs
Workforce Transformation

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Our trainings are always practical and case-based tailored to an organization.

This means that the participants bring their own practical case with them and work on their own cases in the training sessions. Through preliminary discussions, we adapt each training to the customer’s needs and can thus also be used as team building for the participants.

Change Management
Resilience Team Training
Leadership Development
Conflict Management
Workforce Transformation

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Analysis is the decisive factor when it comes to change.

We always combine quantitative and qualitative analysis tools. Our Maturity Checks provide benchmarks, fulfill diagnostic detection criteria and are always a kind of dialog.

People & Culture Health Check
Agility Check
Culture Check
Personnel Diagnostics
Quick Check

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Transformation means more than just perfect analysis and implementation of a good plan.

Sustainable change takes its time, needs good communication and leading by example, as well as the adjusting the organization as well as personnel and leadership instruments.
If necessary, we support our customers up to the joint celebration of success. With us, the client is not only in the driver’s seat, but lives participation at all levels as a core element of sustainable change.

(Culture) Change Management
Organizational Development
Leadership Development
Workforce Transformation
HR Transformation

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Individual coaching is an increasingly important tool in change – both personal and organizational. Conflicts occur in all organizations, they are a natural phenomenon and can be useful or important for development.

Coaching: Our offer for individual coaching processes is based on a systemic attitude, is strictly oriented towards the issue at hand and can also include instruments of personality diagnostics or professional questions on request.

Mediation: Conflicts can also be toxic and develop a momentum of their own. We have a wide range of tools to help organizations, teams or individuals identify, work through and resolve conflicts. of our many years of experience and variety of methods. Mediation is the support in resolving interpersonal conflicts. We offer mediation for individuals and teams. The goal is always a constructive conflict culture based on mutual trust and respect.

Individual Coaching
Conflict Mediation


In the past years, we have built up know-how and concepts for special industries and target groups in many projects.

These include, for example, municipalities and NGOs, medical care centers and a maturity check for start-ups.

Start ups
Municipal Organization
Medical Practices and Medical Care Centers
Social Organizations & NGOs

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