Career Journeys

Three Career Journeys for an all-round successful start at the new company:

Management-Diagnostics · IndividUAL Coaching · Onboarding

With our different career journeys, we support you in finding the best fit for the vacant position through unbiased & professional management diagnostics. We accompany the candidate holistically through individual coaching before and/or during his or her journey in the new company and in ensuring success in the new position through a specific onboarding process.


The main purpose of management diagnostics is to support recruiters in ensuring optimal job-fit. By using various diagnostic tools, an “all-round view” is gained which can also provide support in other areas, such as personal career planning, staffing, crisis management, conflict resolution, work-life balance, onboarding or in the areas of awareness & satisfaction, etc.
Tools that we use in the diagnostic process include:


Every diagnostic tool should be a starting point for personal development. That is why we attach great importance to the fact that results always contain opportunities for learning and change. This can be achieved through coaching, mentoring or talent programs. We can offer several professional coaching trainings, psychological/pedagogical academic basic training with certificates from recognized coaching associations. A coaching process could look like this:


A team with new members must grow together quickly and build mutual trust. We accompany the new leader AND the new team holistically on all levels of an organization: strategy, organization, processes, leadership and cooperation, culture, values, etc.. We conduct a transparent and integrative change process in order to avoid unnecessary/old conflicts and misunderstandings. In doing so, we can drive common goals and a deep, shared understanding. We work with modern, participative methods, such as design thinking, agile and classic project management and combine them with elements of team development. Personality diagnostics and mediation in conflicts can also be components if needed.

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