People & Culture Health Check


Can you answer all these questions with a “YES”?

  • Is the strategic focus sufficiently known and supported by everyone in the organization?
  • Are organization and processes adequately aligned with the strategic focus?
  • Are all necessary competencies already available or are they being developed systematically?
  • Does the management team act as a team and shape a transformative, motivating leadership culture?
  • Does the organization collaborate seamlessly and is there trust, appreciation and ownership?
  • Does the organizational culture fit the organizational goal and are values and mission statements put into practice?
  • Are talents visible in the organization and are they encouraged and challenged?
  • Is there a dynamic learning climate and is there willingness for change and innovation?

…If not, have a closer look at our People & Culture Health Check!


As a key part of the People & Culture Health Check, we work closely together with your management team, your employees and key stakeholders to answer strategic questions.

We look at all core elements of People & Culture:

  • Comprehensive insight into challenges & potentials at the People & Culture level
  • Qualitative & quantitative data basis
  • Clear starting points, concrete action proposals & implementation plans
  • Support for sustainable business success
  • Close collaboration with HR

Based on your selected modules, together with you we conduct a detailed analysis and finally present the results together with a roadmap for a solution approach tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our Mode of Operation

The 8 People & Culture Health Check Modules

Desktop Analysis & structured Pre-Discussions
  • Desktop Analysis
  • Structured, personal 1:1 pre-discussions with the client, management team + other key stakeholders
  • Kick-off & presentation of the first results
Management-/ Team Diagnostic
  • 360° feedback and personal interviews with management team and stakeholders on strategy, leadership, cooperation, culture, focus, risks etc.
  • 1:1 coaching based on the results
Competence Management
  • Interviews with (top) management to analyze corporate strategy and develop future competency fields
  • Assessment of the status quo of the divisions and teams and identification of measures
Surveys & Pulse Checks
  • Online surveys on specific topics (e.g. employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, preferred communication instrument, depending on the topic approx. 5-40 questions)
  • Detailed analysis of all results
Culture- & Value Analysis
  • Standardized value analysis for individuals, teams or the entire organization
  • Workshop for planning a culture change with concrete measures
Focus Groups
  • 5 focus groups with 10 function-specific employees and key stakeholders (e.g. strategy, sales, HR, organizational development, quality)


Talents & Change Agents
  • Development and implementation of a talent identification process
  • Introduction to the change management topic, distribution of work packages as well as empowerment and individual coaching
Transformation Journey Planning
  • Development of a strategic transformation journey interactive and TOGETHER with the management team in a 2-day workshop based on all results

Example of Results

Your tailor-made People & Culture Health Check

Do you want to find out whether your organization is healthy at all levels, all in one compact, yet comprehensive project?
Would you like to develop and implement effective measures together with a trusted partner?

Please contact us by phone or e-mail so that we can discuss the challenges facing your organization and draft a possible concept with the most suitable modules.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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